True Stories of Unconventional Lives

In these posts, you will be introduced to a host of people who have figured out how to live out-of-the-box!  You will get to meet people who are living abundant and exciting lives in their  RVs, sailboats, on back-country trails, off the grid in a cabins, tree houses,  in vans, trucks and cars among other unconventional habitats.  These people have all figured out how to live life to the fullest with minimal means or possessions.

Living a little differently isn’t for everyone, however, if you could pull yourself away from your job for a month or two and do something CRAZY and WILD and ADVENTUROUS would you do it?  Could you do it?  A lot of people dream of getting away from the rat race! If you are one of these people, you will LOVE these posts. Even if you aren’t in a position to pull something like this off at this juncture in your life, at least you can live a little vicariously through these wandering, happy souls!

Hang on to your hat, we are about to go on a crazy ride!

Sailing La Vagabonde – Two Aussies – One Boat, Big Adventure!