Wildflowers are Better Seen from the Ground!

Last year Alex and I took a flight over Table mountain and was pretty awesome! However, it’s MUCH better to see and smell the massive fields of wildflowers on the ground! Come take a walk with me as we explore this geologic wonder!


Every Ranch Needs a Crew! Come and Meet em!

Hi All!  I live on a small ranch in Northern California. It gets extremely hot in the summer, it stops raining for 6 straight months and the land becomes dry and dusty. But for now, spring is here. The wild flowers are blooming, the pond is full and we are enjoying this very short season of GREEN!

I would like to take you on a little tour to meet the crew of our little ranch!


Hunting for Wildflowers from an Airplane!

Spring is HERE and the wildflowers are off the charts! One of the best shows for wildflowers in Northern California is Table Mountain just outside of Oroville CA. It’s amazing and a must see! The hike is very easy. The window of opportunity to see the flowers and waterfalls is pretty short. As soon as it stops raining and the temps rise, the flowers die and the streams dry up.

We also take a look at the NEW spillway of Oroville Dam

Here is the link to Table Mountain: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/lands/pla…