No is my Favorite Word


NO!  Two little letters.  How can a word with just too little letters frighten the daylights out of us?  Why does this little word make us shake in our boots, cringe with fear, cry and pound our fists in the air?  WHY????

This has been such a stumbler for so many people trying to move up in their career paths or when they start a business!  Rejection just plain sucks!  Here’s how to get around it.

Learn to LOVE the word NO!

WHAT?  Call me crazy but this works for your brain and gets rid of the tremors!  Yep! That’s what I said!  When you get up in the morning and you need to make those calls, or hit the pavement, tell yourself that you will need to get at least 5 Nos today!   Make yourself fulfill a NO quota!    Pitch your idea, product or yourself as hard as you can.  If you get that dreaded “NO”, shake their hand and say THANK YOU!  You got your first NO!  Woo HOO!     Now you need to get four more!   You must think I’m NUTS!  Well, dear friend, we are re-training your wacky brain.  We are making your brain think that NO is a good thing.  So when you eventually get that YES…well I don’t have to tell you how awesome that is!!  Learn from the NO answers, Fix what needs fixing!  NO is a good thing!

So go out and get those NO answers!  It means you are TRYING!  It means you are out there doing your thing and NOT wasting time sitting at home worried about someone telling you NO!  You WANT the NO!   Get a TON of Nos!  Its a numbers game!  I guarantee you there is a Yes for every 5 NO. You’ll start getting YES answers so often that you don’t even let that that nasty little two letter word bother you any longer!





There IS an “I” in Team!

I always hated having to do a group projects in college.  It seemed there was always at least  one (if not two) in the bunch who didn’t do a darned thing.  Me and a few others ended up pulling all-nighters to get a homework assignment finished.  Oh the resentment!  I found this to be the case in the workplace as well.  Where me, myself and I ended up doing the project because of lame team members.  So yes, sometimes the “team” can really be a party of ONE!

So, how do you get people to work together as teams?  MAKE THEM!  Seriously, hold them ALL accountable for their part of the project. Don’t assume your team is getting things done.

Write it all down

Sometimes you have to play kindergarten teacher and spell it all out for the team.  Make the instructions clear and put them all in writing with due dates. Put the task list on a huge dry erase board for all to see.  Assign each team member a task and have them report to another team member on a particular day of their accomplishments.


Peer Pressure!

Make it known that the OTHER team members will be reporting to management on each other!  Believe when I say that bad teams have been turned around using this tactic.  People get so worried what others will tell the boss about their work that they jump through extra hoops to get their job accomplished on time with every detail in order.  They work extra hard to make an impression on the person that will be reporting on their work.