Bad Jobs List – AKA Dream Quasher


bad jobs

So, I’m watching the Today show and apparently there is a list of bad (and good) jobs for 2013.   The first on the list was  newspaper reporter.  I believe this to be true. I know for a fact that newspapers are downsizing. Just today, saw the Sunday Edition to the Sacramento Bee and it is a fraction of the size it used to be just a few short years ago!  Its very narrow and looks more like a small community newsletter!  With all of the bloggers out there, I can see how being a newspaper reporter is a dying career!

Lumberjack:  Well, I guess since we are making most things out of plastic these days and recycling, the need for chopping down trees has decreased considerably.

Enlisted Military Personnel:  Since the US is pulling out of the Mid-East, the military will be cutting back considerably.  Its going to be really hard for someone with no college to join the military.  Only the elite will be let in.

Actor:  Since when was this EVER on the GOOD list!  LOL!  Ever heard of the term “Starving Artist.?

Oil Rig Worker:  Not sure why this one made the list, I guess because its dangerous?

If you want to see the Good list go here: