Kentucky Kin Folk

My dad was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. As a matter of fact, my Kentucky roots go back several generations of Cornetts who came from England and settled in the Appalachian mountains. My dad was able to leave the hollers and a life of  working in the coalmines by joining the Army in 1941. Many lived their entire lives in the hollers, and working in the mines.

I’ll be kicking off my 2017 Summer Concert on the Couch Series this June. I’ll be inviting musical guests (hopefully the show up!) and of course there will be poodles!


A Hole in Her Head


Meet Melany. On her blog “A hole in My Head”, she describes herself as

“A 40 something daughter, wife, and mother.  I am a bit of adventurer and have always tried to live life to the fullest.   I served as an Army Officer and was deployed around the world, so I feel fortunate to appreciate the very gift of life and of our freedoms we take for granted every day.”

Melany lives across the street from my 95 year old dad. They have been great neighbors to my very independent father, and I feel comforted that there are good-caring people living nearby to keep an eye on him – and to rat him out when he’s been on the roof again messing with his swamp cooler!  THANK YOU Melanie and Ron for watching over the old man!!!


Melany has had a very harrowing past year. Her young daughter found her laying unconscious on the floor after having a seizure. Melany was rushed to the hospital where she was  diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a sand dollar. Her life changed in an instant. It was revealed to her that the tumor had been there for quite some time. This revelation answered many mysteries that had been going on in her life that resulted in the ending of her military career. However, with one door closing, others magically open.

I want to share with you her blog.  Start from the beginning and follow her journey to her recovery.  We can all learn from Melany – She overcame, she became strong –  She’s a ROCK STAR!