Stop whining and CHANGE IT!

complaining sign

I hate whiners.

“I hate my life, I hate my husband, I hate my wife, I hate my situation, I hate my job, I hate my house, I hate my town, I can’t seem to make any money. I can’t seem to get ahead, I have the worst luck,  my life just SUCKS!

I have one thing to say to these people…

YAWN!  You are boring me. Go whine to someone else.  I’m busy and I have things to DO!

HARSH???  Well GOOD!  Cuz I’m DONE!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and I can do my share of whining. However, I get to a point where I don’t want to listen to myself whine any longer, and I do something to change whatever it is that made me whine!

I used to be that person who would listen to these whiners. I listened to some of these whiners FOR YEARS!   At first, I’d be sympathetic. I was that good friend who listened to their tales of woe and felt sorry for their strife. But after a few years, the tale of woe was the SAME!  I found myself in a crazy loop!  I’d offer my advice, give them ideas on how they can change their circumstances or patterns over and over again and there would be no change. I came to find that these people just like to WHINE and be miserable!  They have every excuse in the book as to why they can’t change their circumstance!  I’ve HEARD THEM ALL!

Here is a newsflash if your life sucks…. it will ALWAYS SUCK until you actively DO something to change your circumstance!  Does your job suck?  CHANGE IT!  Is your business not making you money?  CHANGE YOUR TACTICS!  Are you in a bad relationship? GET OUT!  Seriously!  You only live a few short years on this planet. And, honestly, your friends and family are SICK of your whining!  We want the best for you and we want to see you succeed and most importantly BE HAPPY. But, we are unable to help you  unless YOU HELP YOURSELF. You must be willing to listen to advice, take that advice and DO something with it!

So here are some tips to help if you REALLY want to STOP being the whiner and START being the doer.

Disclaimer:  I’m not a licensed medical or legal professional. These are just my ideas that have worked for me. Results may vary and my ideas are NOT to be construed as any sort of legal and/or medical advice) I assume no liability if any of my ideas don’t work for you or cause you harm.   OK..  my lawyers are now happy

  1. Seek counseling.  If you are afraid of change, then get a professional to help you through these issues!
  2. Change your business tactics. If you are constantly seeing a financial loss in your business, then its time to figure out a NEW plan and CHANGE the way you do business!  Change your client base, change your prices, change your location, research your problem areas, get pro advice, or maybe change businesses all together!  Sometimes, you just have to close up shop and move on. It’s not the end of the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start another business that makes money and is a better fit for you.
  3. Change jobs or career.  Hate what you are doing? Learn to do something new. Yeah, you may have to take a pay cut at first, but learn to live with less. (see #6)
  4. Get OUT!  In a horrible marriage or relationship and you’ve tried everything?  GET OUT!  SEE A LAWYER if you have to! BE SAFE and seek shelter if your situation is dangerous!  Money shouldn’t be the issue.  Look at #6.  Live with less and simplify your life. You will be MUCH happier living in a tiny trailer, in your own space, doing your OWN thing than living in a big house with a partner that you despise!  (I know, I’ve done it!)
  5. Move to another town, state or country! If your business or job prospects are nill to none where you live, think about re-locating to a place with more  opportunities and/or a better client base.  Some towns are very depressed and opportunities are ZERO!  Research better locations!  (I’ve moved more times that most chasing better jobs)
  6. Downsize and live a little simpler. HAPPINESS is the key here.  You don’t “need” all that “stuff.”  Really you DON’T! Learn to live with a lot less!  Don’t live above your means and get into debt.  This is the downfall of many people.  They “think” they need that new car, the big house, the boat, all of the toys, the pampering, etc., when their paycheck (or lack of one) tells a different story. Until you can pay CASH for your toys and pampering, keep it simple. Getting yourself into huge debt and bogged down with a mountain of stuff will keep you STUCK in places you don’t want to be. Don’t get STUCK!

The bottom line is….. BE HAPPY.   Stop whining…. DO SOMETHING!  Get yourself out of your rut!

Still have a zillion excuses? Still have the need to whine?  Then click here




No is my Favorite Word


NO!  Two little letters.  How can a word with just too little letters frighten the daylights out of us?  Why does this little word make us shake in our boots, cringe with fear, cry and pound our fists in the air?  WHY????

This has been such a stumbler for so many people trying to move up in their career paths or when they start a business!  Rejection just plain sucks!  Here’s how to get around it.

Learn to LOVE the word NO!

WHAT?  Call me crazy but this works for your brain and gets rid of the tremors!  Yep! That’s what I said!  When you get up in the morning and you need to make those calls, or hit the pavement, tell yourself that you will need to get at least 5 Nos today!   Make yourself fulfill a NO quota!    Pitch your idea, product or yourself as hard as you can.  If you get that dreaded “NO”, shake their hand and say THANK YOU!  You got your first NO!  Woo HOO!     Now you need to get four more!   You must think I’m NUTS!  Well, dear friend, we are re-training your wacky brain.  We are making your brain think that NO is a good thing.  So when you eventually get that YES…well I don’t have to tell you how awesome that is!!  Learn from the NO answers, Fix what needs fixing!  NO is a good thing!

So go out and get those NO answers!  It means you are TRYING!  It means you are out there doing your thing and NOT wasting time sitting at home worried about someone telling you NO!  You WANT the NO!   Get a TON of Nos!  Its a numbers game!  I guarantee you there is a Yes for every 5 NO. You’ll start getting YES answers so often that you don’t even let that that nasty little two letter word bother you any longer!




The Mindset of a Millionaire

Does the above graphic giving you a headache?  This fuzzy mess represents the average person’s LIFE!   We have jobs, kids, spouses, outside activities, school, you name it.  With all this going on, the one thing we want to do as business people gets lost in the shuffle.  Our rock star goal is that little red word in the middle of all of that mess.

The one excuse that everyone one has… and I’ve heard it over and over again is…


Drum Roll please……




This is the biggest fattest juiciest lie we tell ourselves!  OK.  Are you ready for the millionaire challenge?  Starting tomorrow I want you to journal every single thing you do from the moment you get up until you go to bed.  Do this for seven days straight.  Journal your commute, your lunch break at work and everything else that you do!  Now, here is where the shocking truth happens.  I guarantee that each and every one of you are doing absolutely NOTHING of real importance at least 10-12 hours in that seven day period. You are watching TV, (reality shows) napping, or playing Farmville.   The average person is awake 16 hours in a 24 hour period.  After you have collected your data, and I hope you were honest, take a good hard look at your wasted time and ask yourself what is important.  You can balance your time with your family, sit down at the table and have a real family meal, help the kids do their homework, AND take that wasted reality show time and get a few tasks done with your business.

I’m always asked how I get so many things accomplished. Sarcasm ALERT:   I had myself cloned by a mad scientist in Russia. As a matter of fact there are at least four of me running around getting stuff done. All the new me running around are skinny, young and HOT!  OF COURSE!

Ok.. there is just the middle aged ONE of me and I just manage my time extremely well and treat each hour (even minute) seriously! That’s what I do! I take a thoughtful and deliberative approach to my waking hours and I make sure I get a full 7-8 hours of sleep!

Here is a cold hard fact and your wake up call. 

It takes devotion, hard work and sacrifice to become successful.  God Awful PINK!  I KNOW!!!  


 This is the mindset of a millionaire.


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser focus.” ~ Bruce Lee

Bad Jobs List – AKA Dream Quasher


bad jobs

So, I’m watching the Today show and apparently there is a list of bad (and good) jobs for 2013.   The first on the list was  newspaper reporter.  I believe this to be true. I know for a fact that newspapers are downsizing. Just today, saw the Sunday Edition to the Sacramento Bee and it is a fraction of the size it used to be just a few short years ago!  Its very narrow and looks more like a small community newsletter!  With all of the bloggers out there, I can see how being a newspaper reporter is a dying career!

Lumberjack:  Well, I guess since we are making most things out of plastic these days and recycling, the need for chopping down trees has decreased considerably.

Enlisted Military Personnel:  Since the US is pulling out of the Mid-East, the military will be cutting back considerably.  Its going to be really hard for someone with no college to join the military.  Only the elite will be let in.

Actor:  Since when was this EVER on the GOOD list!  LOL!  Ever heard of the term “Starving Artist.?

Oil Rig Worker:  Not sure why this one made the list, I guess because its dangerous?

If you want to see the Good list go here: