Attention Pilots! Heavenly Landings!

A long time ago, I took flying lessons while I was working at a small airport in Redding CA.  I never did get my license because I ran out of money – Like soooo many.  However, I did spend many years flying in the back seat of a Piper Cherokee every day as a traffic reporter in the Sacramento area.  So, I eventually got paid to fly!

My husband is the pilot these days. He’s had his private license since 1996. He’s always talking about wanting to fly a float plane!

I’m in the process of putting together an entire wall of aviation for him in the master bedroom. Its going to be loaded with my artwork and other aircraft items such as a prop, shelves that are planes coming out of the wall, etc. Here is the BIG painting that I did yesterday.  It’s 24×30 on canvas. (HUGE) I call it Heavenly Landings. What a place to land a plane, on a mountain lake!  WOW!  I do call that heaven!

If you want this painting for yourself, you can purchase the print on canvas or framed here.  You can even order cards etc.



Just Sitting Around Artin’ and Stuff like that there…..

When I was a kid, I would paint rocks to look like bugs. I sold those little critters to friends, teachers and even at an art store!  I would glue them onto tree bark with moss and a dried flower and people loved them!  I was 12!  These days I do all sorts of art.  I just finished these two commissioned pieces for a client in North Carolina.  I love to paint trees. What is it about a tree?  They talk, I swear they do!



I also do stuff with wood, paint and feathers. People from all over the US send me feathers.  Its pretty awesome.  I have a very  small percentage of Cherokee in my blood.  My 6th Great Grandfather was Chief Redbird in Kentucky.  I’ve ALWAYS been drawn to Indian culture, art, jewelry, music, you name it even before I knew about my heritage!  I swear, I’m channeling one of my ancestors!  Here are a couple of those pieces.





And I do portraits.  I LOVE to do faces, however EARS kick my ass for some reason.. and painting blonde hair is a bitch!  I never took art lessons.. maybe I should then I wouldn’t be killing myself!  IMG_7288

LIndz and Ima small)



And yes I STILL paint Rocks!  Here are a couple from my front yard!



I do many many more types of things.. Sugar skulls, Spirit Animals, lots of stuff on wood.. you name it!  If you want to see the entire collection that grows by the second.. go here. 

The Girl that Could have Changed the World

The Work of Zina Nicole Lahr from Stormy Pyeatte on Vimeo.

Creative Compulsive Disorder.  This is the ailement that Zina Lahr said she suffered from.

Recently I stumbled upon a video of a girl that is an artist, an innovator, a thinker, a rebel, a puppeteer, eccentric, a goggle wearing genius.  Her name is Zina Lahr. Zina is from a small mountain town in Ouray Colorado.  She dreamed of building robots and becoming a renowned animator/creator and inventor.  She is gifted.

Following Her Dreams 

She moved to Los Angeles where her dreams of becoming an animator and creator were coming true.  She worked on films where she created robots. One in particular a giant robotic Spider that was used in a film. Not bad for a small town girl who dreamed of doing this her entire life.  Her mountain home was calling her, so she returned to take care of her ailing grandmother.


On November 21, 2013  at 23 years old, Zina fell to her death while hiking alone near her home town. Her body was found after her family reported her missing.  In an instant the genius unique girl who suffered from CCD was gone.

In August of 2013, just before Zina’s death, her friend and filmmaker, Stormy Pyeatte agreed to help Zina put together a short film that would be used as part of her portfolio.  Using footage from the original portfolio film, Stormy put together this short.  This video went viral and this is when Zina was introduced to the world. I have watched this video about 10 times.

Steampunk Genius

Who was this girl who dressed in steampunk clothes and wore an array of aviator goggles?  She seemed child-like with a curiosity about everything.   She seemed to be a creative genius that knew no boundaries when it came to art.  The world was her canvas and she wasn’t afraid to paint it.

I googled her name and found her blog This confirmed my theory that she was a very deep and thoughtful individual that would have been something this world needed. Then I found her youtube channel and she had been doing animated shorts and mini movies for the past 6 years. Her art is out of this world, her mind and creativity was astounding and no one knew she existed until her death.

Zina, I’m sure you made a mark on everyone you have ever met.  I know you left a mark on me and we have never met.

RIP my CCD sister.