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“Calling all people of Earth who desire to be the

              NEXT BIG THING!”

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The 3 F’s to Success! ™

There are three attributes that have made people highly successful and achieve just about anything they desire!  They are all Fearless, Focused and they know how to stand out from the masses. (Found)

Jan gives a very powerful, humorous and entertaining keynote to colleges, businesses and youth.  With her many stories of working in the music business, broadcasting industry and owning various businesses, she has mastered these attributes and teaches you easy steps to be Fearless, Focused and Found to get just about anything you want out of life!

IMPORTANT!!  Because Jan feels so strongly about getting her message to youth, her presentation is FREE** to High School and College Students!

Jan’s presentation is lively and entertaining!  She will have students up on their feet and engaged!


Jan Mendoza The 3 Fs to Success from Jan Mendoza on Vimeo.


Jan Mendoza Business Strategies for the self employed

Working her way up the career ladder, Jan has done it all from being successful business owner to leading  public relations teams at large government agencies.  Jan developed her own professional development plan that made her into a trusted leader and successful career person.   She is also an expert in Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and is an awesome motivational speaker who teaches how to “get it done.” Ready to get energized? Ready to conquer the world? Let’s do this!

** Travel fees may be incurred. Contact Jan to see if travel fees will by necessary. If the school is withing 50 miles of her home base of Wheatland CA, no travel fees will be charged. The talk itself is FREE to high schools and colleges!

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