Cost of Living in the Western States for Retirees

Are you thinking of moving to another state to hopefully make your retirement income stretch a little further? Maybe you just want a change of scenery! I’ve been working on this project for several years now and every 2 years I update the data. The data isn’t all inclusive, but it gives you a snapshot of what some of the costs are in each of these states. I’ve only been researching the states that I’m interested in. I want to keep to the West. You can use this template to research other states.

NOTE: California is listed first because this is the state in which I currently live. As you can see it’s very expensive to live in the Golden State.

If you currently live in any of these states and you think my numbers need to be corrected, PLEASE let me know! I want to be accurate! This data was compiled from my internet research. Vehicle registration costs were hard to figure out in some states.

Download my current 2019 detailed PDF! It’s an eye-opener!

Here are the numbers from 2017- you can see how things have gone up in the past couple of years… however California is still the “winner” when it comes to sucking money out of your wallet!

NOTE: I tried to add the average rent costs as a new statistic this year, but it was too hard to get a state average as pointed out by an awesome person who offered me some feedback on social media. Feedback is a good thing! If you interested in the cost of rent in a specific area, here is a great site!