No is my Favorite Word


NO!  Two little letters.  How can a word with just too little letters frighten the daylights out of us?  Why does this little word make us shake in our boots, cringe with fear, cry and pound our fists in the air?  WHY????

This has been such a stumbler for so many people trying to move up in their career paths or when they start a business!  Rejection just plain sucks!  Here’s how to get around it.

Learn to LOVE the word NO!

WHAT?  Call me crazy but this works for your brain and gets rid of the tremors!  Yep! That’s what I said!  When you get up in the morning and you need to make those calls, or hit the pavement, tell yourself that you will need to get at least 5 Nos today!   Make yourself fulfill a NO quota!    Pitch your idea, product or yourself as hard as you can.  If you get that dreaded “NO”, shake their hand and say THANK YOU!  You got your first NO!  Woo HOO!     Now you need to get four more!   You must think I’m NUTS!  Well, dear friend, we are re-training your wacky brain.  We are making your brain think that NO is a good thing.  So when you eventually get that YES…well I don’t have to tell you how awesome that is!!  Learn from the NO answers, Fix what needs fixing!  NO is a good thing!

So go out and get those NO answers!  It means you are TRYING!  It means you are out there doing your thing and NOT wasting time sitting at home worried about someone telling you NO!  You WANT the NO!   Get a TON of Nos!  Its a numbers game!  I guarantee you there is a Yes for every 5 NO. You’ll start getting YES answers so often that you don’t even let that that nasty little two letter word bother you any longer!





Clients Won’t Call you Back? Advice for the Direct Seller!

crazy lady

Its happened to all of us.  Me included.  You get a prospective or existing client that gave you a ton of interest and they tell you to give them a call.  You call and leave voice mail messages asking the customer to call you back.  They don’t.  You don’t want to seem like a pushy sales pest so you just leave it alone and feel dejected.

Slaying the Beast!

When I was selling to Fortune 500 companies I had to get past the pit bull secretaries of these corporate giants. My task was to make appointments with the Controllers of huge companies like 3M, Kodak, Pillsbury, Phillip Morris etc. and try to get them to sign a contract where they would agree to let us audit their energy bills for possible refunds from the energy companies.  I would make the call and pitch the secretary. She would tell me (in her thick New York accent) that she would leave a message for “so & so” to call me back.  It never happened. I never got the call back.

I had to think of a way to fix this and FAST.  This is how I got the call back AND the appointment.  Ring Ring… (secretary answers the phone)  ” This is Jan Mendoza.  I’m flying out to New York the week of February 1st  and I will be meeting with (named a few big companies) I have a  two hour opening to meet with “Mr. So & So” to discuss the audits of Pillsbury’s energy bills and get working on a refund to the company.”     BAM.  She would schedule me an appointment .   I reaffirmed the appointment and made sure she knew I was flying all the way from California.  “no problem sweetie, I’ll make sure I get it on his calendar.”    This worked for every single one of the companies that I had trouble with.  I made appointments with the biggest companies in the US.  I made the situation URGENT and made her feel like her boss was about to miss out on something HUGE!

Start a Fire!

What you are doing is starting a fire.  Everyone wants what others have!  When that Secretary learned that I was meeting with other companies, GAME ON!  They wanted it too!

This method also worked when I sold other things.  It works really well when you have a client that is a friend of one of your other clients.  Kind of start the fire by starting a competition between them, however, they don’t know they are in competition.

When I’m dealing with individuals, I use a few tactics.  The first call just says, “Hey Mary, you asked me to give you a call, so just call me back at your convenience.” A week goes by and nothing.

Next call: (I use a few different scripts)

Script #1 “Hi Mary, I have a product that will help you with that issue you were telling me about.  However, I have a huge problem. This product is so popular, I’m swamped with orders and  I only have just a couple openings this month.  I really want to squeeze you in so you don’t miss out. I may not be able to get to you for a few weeks and by that time the product may be gone!  Call me as soon as you can.”

Script #2  “Hi Mary, I was just looking over my notes and you mentioned you wanted me to remind you of that product we were talking about.t.  I’m getting flooded with calls over this product and I’m really glad I found this note! I don’t want you to miss out as this product may not be available for long.”

If you still don’t get a call back, they probably just don’t have the money right now to buy the product.  Its embarrassing to have to tell someone that you simply can’t afford it right now.  So what you do is move on.  Let a month or two go by then give them a call:

“Hi Mary,  I was just checking in on you and to let you know that I’m having a huge sale and that I have a bunch of products that are half off! I think I might even be able to get that product you were wanting.  My sister has been using it and her issue is completely gone!!!

Can you see the trend here?  Urgency and everyone everyone else is doing it!  They are going to miss out on something huge!

This method works for selling all sorts of stuff. Jewelry, health products, you name it!  Also get a feeling for their personality type and work that angle.  That will be another blog post.

PS. This also works in email, text messaging, etc.  However you client prefers to communicate!

Good luck and happy selling!

How to get Trademarked!


When I was about to launch, professional development academy I figured I’d better protect my ass–ets and get a trademark. Easy peasy, I thought.  Well not so easy I found out.  First things first.  I went to the United States Patent and Trademark office (uspto) website and started to read their lengthy instructions on getting a name trademarked. They have some nifty videos too.   Here is what I learned.

1. Your trademark has to be associated with some sort of Goods or Services.  You just can’t get your name or image trademarked and call it a day.  You are required to have a product that is in commerce or you are planning to put in commerce. It can be an item such as T-shirts or coffee cups with your trademark on the tag or in regards to a service, a store that sells t-shirts or coffee cups Ok. so far so good.  I have stuff I want to sell. No problemo!

2. Search the uspto data base to see if your trademark has already been taken.  Ok, here is the tricky part.  If your trademark even remotely sounds like a trademark that is already registered, your application can be denied by the USPTO team of lawyers that will analyze your application with a fine tooth comb! Check out this link for examples of confusion. Just the explanation alone will confuse you, trust me! If your application is denied after they do their conflict search, they keep your filing fees.  I’ll get to those later.  They are pricey!

3. Ok so you did your search and you have  a very unique trademark that no one in the universe had thought of. Now you have to identify the class of goods or services that you want to sell. There are a bunch. So you have to scour the Uspto manual so you can list your products or services accordingly on your application.  So here’s what I did. I searched some companies on Uspto that were similar to mine to see how they filed their goods and services to get an idea which class to use for my products.  For example the class code 003 is for cosmetics, lotions etc. the list is extremely long just in this one class.  The class code for apparel is 025.  If you print out the apparel listing its 26 pages long!  You must use these classes.

4.  Ok so now you have figured out that you want to sell Jewelry, apparel, cosmetics, and bags.  Well guess what?  These are in four different classes and you will have to pay FOUR filing fees at 375.00 a pop!!  If you also have a store called “My trademark” where you will sell your branded stuff, you will also pay for that class as well!  See how this application can get a little pricey?

5. Ready to file that application and you searched the USPTO website for any conflicting trademarks?  You may be ready!  Now you have to submit a specimen of your product or services you want to sell. Here’s where people screw it up!  A t-shirt with your trademark WILL NOT be sufficient!  I REPEAT!  NOT sufficient!  What you can submit is a T-shirt with a TAG that shows your trademark.  A t-shirt or coffee mug with your logo isn’t a specimen. If you have a hot-sauce with your logo on the label, you CAN submit that as a specimen as that is a good.  If you have a service, you can submit your marketing materials, however an invoice or a business card is not good enough.

6. Now you must submit a specimen of your trademark.  Here are the rules for submitting your image and the samples of your goods and services.

7.  Now here is the scary part:  USPTO can reject your application if their attorneys feel that there is any sort of conflict with your trademark and other reasons!  You did your homework and found no conflicts. However, you don’t have the trained eye that their lawyers do.  If they reject your application they will keep every dime of your application fee!  If you applied for several classes, that can be a pricey mistake!


I hired to do my trademark.  They will search the trademark database with their trained eye and look for conflicts.  They actually found 5 potential trademark conflicts with my application!  I did my own search and didn’t find a thing!  I thought I was all good!  So, thankfully, I paid a few extra dollars to Legal zoom (the total fee to use them was 189.00)  and I get to speak to a lawyer for a half an hour to figure out if my application would ultimately be rejected and what I have to tweek to get my trademark!  They  put my application on hold and haven’t sent anything to USPTO yet, thankfully, until I get my consultation on April 5th.

If you are thinking of having your nifty name trademarked, I highly advise you to learn the basics first before you hire an attorney, or use

Here’s my disclaimer.

I have barely touched the surface on getting a trademark in this blog post and this is NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  Its merely me sharing my adventure on getting a trademark and the stumbling blocks that I have encountered.  I may have to pull my application and re-group. It all depends on what the attorney tells me on the 5th!

NOTE: Anyone who claims rights in a mark may use the TM (trademark) or SM (service mark) designation with the mark to alert the public to the claim. It is not necessary to have a registration, or even a pending application, to use these designations. The claim may or may not be valid.

The registration symbol, ®, may only be used when the mark is registered in the PTO. It is improper to use the registration symbol at any point before the registration issues.

What Separates Millionaires from Everyone Else? MONEY OF COURSE! DUH!!!!!!!



They are FEARLESS!

When we were kids our parents endlessly engrained in our heads to never speak to strangers. Never. Most of us took heed to these orders. Then when we grow up, our careers and businesses depend upon us to speak to strangers on a daily basis. For some of us the mere thought of going up to a perfect stranger and striking up a conversation brings on a cold sweat.

To gain momentum in our business, we must learn to get over this fear and become fearless. Successful people have learned to become fearless when it comes to engagement. The big players in sales, especially direct sales, have learned to engage in conversation with just about anyone within a two foot radius. They look at it as a game. Will this person or won’t this person engage in conversation with me. They figure out how to size up a person in just the few words that are spoken. They figure out this person’s personality type in just a few moments of conversation.  They know what buttons to push when they size up the personality. All of this takes practice and training. Believe me, for even successful people, this skill didn’t happen over night!

When I tell people that they are going to have to get out and hustle their business and engage people face to face I might as well be telling them they have to strip their clothes off and dance in the town square! It’s very scary to put yourself out there and get singled out. The root of the problem is that we aren’t really scared of talking to the person; we are scared of the immanent rejection. The “why are you bothering me” response that we just know for a fact is going to come out of their mouth. I’m here to tell you that nine out of 10 times this isn’t the case. Trust me when I say that if done right, nine out of ten people will engage with you in a genuine way. If they don’t, then just say “have a nice day” and move on.

How to Talk to Strangers Fearlessly

Tip 1: Practice at the store. Don’t go into sales mode; just engage in conversation with as many people as you can. “I like your shoes.” “Isn’t this a great price?” “Where did you get your jacket, I love it.” See how long you can keep this person engaged and see where the conversation takes you. You will know instantly if that person is enjoying being engaged or not. Chat for a few minutes then say “it was nice talking with you” then leave. Yes leave. You are just taking baby steps in this endeavor. This exercise is to get you out of your shell.

Tip 2: Now that you are getting comfortable engaging in conversation with total strangers, the next time you go to the store challenge yourself that you will give away at least two business cards. This is very hard for most people. Talking to someone has become easy, so how do you make the jump to get your business information into their hands. Simple, hand it to them. Say, “It was very nice talking with you. Would you mind if I give you my business card? I have a product/service that I’m starting that helps a lot of people. Would you be so kind in helping me get the word out?” Nine out of 10 people will take your card and say sure! People love to help! Who wants to be THAT jerk that won’t help someone?  Not many. Trust me this works. However, don’t expect a call the next day. They will stick your card in their purse or wallet, forget about it for a while and then one day you’ll get a call from them or one of their friends out of the blue. If they do the unspeakable when you hand them your card and say, no I won’t help, just say “have a great day” and move on.  Then go find the nine people that will take your card and help!

Bottom line: It’s a numbers game. The more strangers you talk to the bigger your business will become. Do this over and over again and it will be second nature. Become fearless and grow your business.

That’s the difference between millionaires and everyone else.

I teach The Three “Fs” to Success.   This was a lesson on the First “F.”  Stay tuned for part two on this series!

The Mindset of a Millionaire

Does the above graphic giving you a headache?  This fuzzy mess represents the average person’s LIFE!   We have jobs, kids, spouses, outside activities, school, you name it.  With all this going on, the one thing we want to do as business people gets lost in the shuffle.  Our rock star goal is that little red word in the middle of all of that mess.

The one excuse that everyone one has… and I’ve heard it over and over again is…


Drum Roll please……




This is the biggest fattest juiciest lie we tell ourselves!  OK.  Are you ready for the millionaire challenge?  Starting tomorrow I want you to journal every single thing you do from the moment you get up until you go to bed.  Do this for seven days straight.  Journal your commute, your lunch break at work and everything else that you do!  Now, here is where the shocking truth happens.  I guarantee that each and every one of you are doing absolutely NOTHING of real importance at least 10-12 hours in that seven day period. You are watching TV, (reality shows) napping, or playing Farmville.   The average person is awake 16 hours in a 24 hour period.  After you have collected your data, and I hope you were honest, take a good hard look at your wasted time and ask yourself what is important.  You can balance your time with your family, sit down at the table and have a real family meal, help the kids do their homework, AND take that wasted reality show time and get a few tasks done with your business.

I’m always asked how I get so many things accomplished. Sarcasm ALERT:   I had myself cloned by a mad scientist in Russia. As a matter of fact there are at least four of me running around getting stuff done. All the new me running around are skinny, young and HOT!  OF COURSE!

Ok.. there is just the middle aged ONE of me and I just manage my time extremely well and treat each hour (even minute) seriously! That’s what I do! I take a thoughtful and deliberative approach to my waking hours and I make sure I get a full 7-8 hours of sleep!

Here is a cold hard fact and your wake up call. 

It takes devotion, hard work and sacrifice to become successful.  God Awful PINK!  I KNOW!!!  


 This is the mindset of a millionaire.


“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser focus.” ~ Bruce Lee

How to Use FaceBook for your Business Without Being a Jerk Wod!


1.  Post Interesting Things. If you want your Facebook friends to unsubscribe from your newsfeeds, then post boring crap repeatedly!  A good example is someone who posts a photo of their dog, cat or kid at least 6 times a day (day after day).  Kid is cute and all.. but COME ONE PEOPLE!. STOP ALREADY!  I’m about to click the unsubscribe button.  Your followers want to see cool things such as interesting articles, an awesome photo that you took of a sunrise, an inspiring message or saying, an event that’s going on or a special accomplishment.  Get your audience engaged in YOU, the person!

Pet Peeve alert: Sharing others’ posts and pictures is good once in a while, but I want to know what YOU are up to!  Give me a little insight about YOU!

2. Collect Friends.  If your strategy is to keep up with friends AND build your business, then you need to collect a lot more friends than the ones you personally know.  However, now that you have lots of “strangers” as friends, you will have to manage your Facebook post settings.  This is where you will need to build some friend lists and manage your posts so that your personal posts don’t go to everyone.  You don’t want to tell ALL of your Facebook friends every detail of your personal life. Creepy Stalker Alert!!!!!!

3. Create a Business Facebook Page  Now that you have collected a ton of friends (and still collecting) you can now create your business page.  Put a lot of content of what your business is and what you do.  Make sure you have a lot of VALUE to your page where people will want to LIKE it to get deals, advice, etc.  Invite all of your friends from you personal page to “Like” your business page.  Don’t  worry if you only get a smattering of friends to respond to your request, just wait a couple of weeks and invite them again.  Once a person “likes” your page, your business posts will start to show on their news feeds.

4.  Post Business Content that Matters. Just like your personal Facebook page, you don’t want to post about your business all of the time.  Post some how-to articles that coincide with your business that offer some sort of interest to your customers.  Offer deals just for your Facebook Followers.  If you have a blog, make sure you post your blog post links through your FB business page.  Make your business interesting!

5.  Interact with Others. You must give in order to get and that means you MUST be genuinely interested in what others are doing!  Take an interest in your audience/customers and comment on their photos and posts! DO IT!   It’s all about building relationships and not all about you!  That’s why they call them Facebook FRIENDS! 

If you do all of these 5 steps consistently, you will get a great following and start to see your business prosper and flourish!


Good luck and keep Facebooking!