Cancellation Policy

I require all consultations to be prepaid via PayPal before your appointment. I completely understand that “stuff” happens. However, I have waiting clients that are dying to get their books written and my time is well…. valuable.

So, here is my policy.

I require prepayment for my services.  A prepaid client is a committed client!   So, if you can’t make your appointment, you’ll need to give me 48 hours notice. I will happily reschedule you to another time.  However..(and this is where it gets strict)  If you call me AFTER 48 hours, you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee.  So, that means if you want to reschedule, I’ll keep the pre-payment that you made on your account, but you’ll have to send me the  cancellation fee of  $25.00 via Pay Pal before I can reschedule your  appointment.

If you don’t want to reschedule, and want a refund, after the 48 hours minimum notice, I’ll be happy to do that but I’ll still deduct the $25.00 cancellation fee.

 I only work with COMMITTED clients.

Just be VERY sure you want to commit BEFORE you make your appointment with me and it will be ALL GOOD!  I  will get you on your way to being an AUTHOR!

If you cancel more than 2 times, we will have to part ways forever unless you send me flowers and beg on one knee and write me a 1000 word essay on why you want to write a book. Then I MAY give you another chance. Can’t promise though…..

If you still need help, there’s my book and Google!

Thanks for your understanding!