Jan’s Crazy True Story

All True… I SWEAR!

I’m a dreamer.  I guess I’m impulsive/obsessive.  When I get a notion or interest in something, I research it to death then do it.  Here is the “short list” of some of my past endeavors.

  • At 9, I started playing guitar and riding horses
  • At 16, I sang in a bar band professionally. I always wanted to be a rock star!
  • At 18, I was one of the first female fire fighters for the California Department of Forestry in 1978 ( I did this on a dare!)
  • In my 20’s  I went on the road fronting rock bands.  Those were some wild and crazy times!
  • At 30, after someone told me I had a nice “telephone voice” I entered into the world of radio broadcasting, living like a gypsy chasing radio jobs up and down the state of California.
  • I ended up reporting the traffic from the back seat of an airplane for a few years.
  • At 32, I went back to school and got my paralegal degree with the notion that I was going to law school. I ended up opening a very busy paralegal practice with a partner. I saved myself a huge student loan and never went to law school.
  • At 37, I started to ride with an equestrian rodeo drill team, performing at professional rodeos around the state. I did this for nine years. We rode in the Rose Parade and in Hollywood numerous years.
  • At 40, I went to work for the State of California as the media spokesperson for various state agencies. ( Looking at the long term, I decided I wanted life long medical benefits and a pension so I could play harder in my 50s like my dad!
  • At 42, I took a horse trick riding lesson and later became a pro trick rider performing in rodeos around the state.
  • At 50, I decided to start writing books about my adventures to maybe encourage others to act on their dreams.  I’ve written five so far.
  • Along the way, I’ve owned several side business to finance some of my fun.
  • I am teaching myself film making and have filmed a documentary and a few music videos.
  • I still write and play my music and have been in a few bands in recent years.  I find that I have more fun just playing on my couch and posting the videos on Youtube.
  • I’m an artist and I do commission paintings.


I’m sure I left a few things out.   Am I done?  Heck no.  I’m done when I’m dead.
I’m currently obsessed with hiking in the mountains and am obsessed with reading about thru hikers. Those people are AMAZING!  Will I do this? Probably not as my body says NO WAY, but I’ll do shorter hikes for sure!  I’m also teaching myself how to play the banjo and the mandolin.

My friend Stainless Brown (we used to play in a band together) wrote a song with this line.

“One of these days I’m gonna wake up dead, I won’t be worried no more bout the clothes I be wearin.”

I think this would be cool on a headstone!

I currently live on a small ranch in Northern California. My husband is awesome and puts up with all of my shenanigans. (He knew what he was getting into when he married me 25 years ago)   We have three horses, a donkey, four dogs and a barn cat that comes around whenever she feels like it.

My mission?  To Inspire, give hope, coach, persuade, and help you achieve some of your dreams.

 My other websites: 

www.janlondon.com      My Music

www.janafe.com   My Art

Keynote Speaker

Jan Mendoza Business and Motivational Speaker - Copy

Rodeo Trick Rider



Professional Musician

janguitarpoint-624x468 (2)

Radio Personality



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