The Election is Over and the Sun is Still Shining! Or is it?

Every 4 years, we elect a president. No matter who wins, there will be 4 years of the “other side” bitching and being downright hateful about it…THANK YOU FACE BOOK, TWITTER, and the NEWS MEDIA!    Here’s a news flash… Humans  are inherently flawed….just ask the ETs.  That’s why they do their mysterious fly-bys then zip away as fast as they can. They don’t want to touch this red hot mess of a planet with a 10 foot radioactive pole!  And, it’s all they can do to NOT obliterate us with their Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulators.

Us flawed humans have our own minds and each mind is wired differently. That’s what kind of makes us cool, wouldn’t you agree? If we were all the same we would be BORING!  However, with these different minds we have different values, different beliefs, different faiths, etc. However, since we are flawed humans we constantly fight with each other because lets face it.. MY values, beliefs, etc are better than yours and YOU are just wrong, then end, period.. now let’s fight!  Dang.. what a way to live!….then we die…  How about we just agree to disagree and go have a beer!  Ummmm beeeerrr.

As I sit on my porch in the morning, drinking my cup-o-Joe I forget all the BS in the world and watch the sun rise in all its glory!  It got me to thinkin’ (sometimes I do that)  The sun keeps rising no matter what is happening on this blue marble. The same sun has been rising and setting since the dawn of time. The sun has seen it ALL, the good, bad and the disgraceful!  No matter what idiocy us humans are up to, it just keeps on doing its thing… you know… keeping us alive and all…   Now that’s dedication!

So this song was written in honor of our Sun. It continues to do its job no matter how us humans misbehave.

Here comes the Sun. do do do do… Here comes the sun … and I say… Its alright!

                                                            George Harrison

So here it is… MY SONG!  Red Sky.  Thank you Sun!

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