How to be Super Woman Podcast

When I got  the call from (a HUGE PR firm) that they were interested in interviewing me for their wildly popular website I was very excited and nervous at the same time.  Me nervous? Oh yeah.  First of all they said I had to call in from a landline.  What?  Who the heck has a landline these days?  Nobody that’s who.. well for  the exception of my 95 year old dad. However, he doesn’t have long distance on his phone.  So, I put the call out to friends and local business people to let me use their phone!  So weird!  I ended up using the phone of the local hair salon in my town! (Living in a small town has its advantages!  People are willing to help their neighbors!) I also had to purchase a long distance calling card since they didn’t have long distance either. I guess people who decided to keep their landlines just have the bare bones service, which is smart. So, Lynn, one of the stylists and I checked their phone to make sure they didn’t have call-waiting. (which they didn’t) and I went into their back room, sat in one of their extra salon chairs and did my pod cast.  Ya do what ya have to do!

I had my talking points all laid out in front of me as I sat in the back of the hair salon waiting for my 5 minutes of fame!  And boy did that 5 minutes go by fast. I did go a little over my allotted time, but they let me slide.

So, here it is.  My podcast on my book Fire Girl.  Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Do you have a story about doing something BRAVE  when you were a young adult? Do you have comments about women breaking into male dominated work environments? Pros, cons?  I’m listening!  Also, while you are over at make sure to check out their many other GREAT podcasts.  Lots of good info over there!


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