Unsolved Mysteries – Screw Bigfoot


Have you seen the other one of my____________???

Tell me, how in the Hell do coffee travel mug lids get separated from the mugs??? I can see losing the lid.. but the mug??? I found all of these lids in the cupboard. I have a faint memory of what the mugs look like, but they are long gone. Nowhere to be found. Hmmmm


And then there is the mystery of the plastic lid and container drawer. Its just a sea of plastic with NOTHING fitting ANYTHING!  How does that happen?!?!?!



Its like a creeper comes in my house when I’m sleeping and takes JUST ONE of everything that comes in pairs. Socks, earrings, lids, containers,  shoes, you get the picture.

I would be happy if for just ONCE this *%#*  would take THE PAIR so as to not remind me of what I’m missing. If I’m missing a pair of earrings, I’m sad for a while.. but if I’m left with just one, I’m constantly reminded of its missing mate and will be forever looking for it to NO AVAIL!

Is it a corporate conspiracy???  If it comes in pairs, will ONE of them dissolve in some way, forcing me to buy more. Hmmm.. seems plausible..

Or maybe I’m just losing shit…..  NAH…. corporate conspiracy all the way…  


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