Open Letter to My Body

dear body

What the hell Body??!

Do you hate me or something? I take care of you, I try to watch my diet, I work out, I take you in for regular check-ups and tune ups, and you still act like you hate my guts! I get up in the morning and my feet ache, my neck hurts, I have a headache.. and all this from just sleeping!  Oh, and you let your buddy “Pounds” just freaking move in with no warning at all! The second I hit menopause, you decide to let that loser just take residence! I can’t seem to get “Pounds” evicted from the premises no matter what I do!

We used to be such a great team. We could climb mountains, dance all night, never have a hang-over, and when “Pounds” came looking for a place to crash, you made sure he went elsewhere. We took such good care of each other. And now.. well our relationship is so one-sided and I’m  doing all of the heavy lifting. (pun intended).

This may be the new “us” and we now have a new relationship. I guess I have to get used to it.. but I’m here to tell you that I’m not going to let this new version of you get me down. I’m going to keep on keeping on. I’m going to be happy and not let YOU define me.

 This letter has put you on notice  to remind you that “Brain” is in charge and nothing will keep us down!


Your Soul


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