Rejection!! It Makes you Crazy, but it Might Make you Famous!


Have you ever heard of the book called Roots?  Pulitzer prize winner? Miniseries that won a bunch of awards,  Alex Haley?  Any of this ringing a big ole bell? Haley’s original book manuscript was rejected by publishers 200 times!  REJECTED!  The list goes on and on of the famous books that were rejected, most made into block buster movies.  Rejected not a couple of times.. but HUNDREDS of times!  Crazy eh?  That just shows you how fickle and subjective the book publishing business is. The person that reads your story is making a decision for millions of people.  Doesn’t seem fair does it?  Well folks, that’s Hollywood!  Only the chosen few lottery winners get the prize. But that doesn’t stop us from playing the game does it? We keep writing, keep submitting and someday we will win. YES WE WILL!

Check out this Tweet from the gal that wrote those Harry (whats his name) books.. You know the one that has the series of movies and a Theme Park at Universal Studios? J.K. Rowling wrote a crime novel recently and tried to get a book deal using the name Robert Galbrath.   One of the letters tells her to go join a writing club so she can LEARN TO WRITE!  LMAOO  Oh.. you publishers.. you are just too darned good!  But we love ya. With all of your rejection letters you just make us stronger and more determined to get through your gates!  Rowlings also tweeted that she has all of her Harry Potter book rejection letters in a box in the attic!



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