It’s YOU that can Make America Great Again, Not Politicians

Recently I’ve been experiencing the WORST customer service ever. My doctor’s office won’t call me back after they said they would, I can’t get businesses to respond to emails or questions, I seem to get the run-around at every turn just trying to get good service.  Employees are rude  and seem “put-out” that they have to give you the time of day even though they are getting a paycheck to do so. Is this the new norm?  Is this what I’m to expect from here on out?  Lately, presidential candidates all claim they are going to make America great again?  I believe if we are to make this country great, we  as INDIVIDUALS need to take some responsibility and step it up! Take pride in our jobs, take pride in our appearance, care for other people.  It’s pretty simple.

Go the extra mile in your job. I dare you. Take notes, keep lists, RETURN CALLS AND EMAILS! Give a random customer a call and just THANK THEM for being a customer!  WOW what a concept!

CHP officer Nathan Taylor was an exemplary example of what true American Pride is all about. He took his job as a public servant seriously and tragically lost his life doing so.  Here’s to you Officer Nathan Taylor. May you RIP. You are the shining example of HOW to make America GREAT AGAIN.

In Honor of CHP Officer Nathan Taylor - I knew Nathan for about 45 minutes. Two weeks ago I was hitch-hiking at Donner...

Posted by Paxton Brewer on Monday, March 14, 2016


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