New Publishing Book Coming Soon!

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Hello fellow writers! After getting nagged and hounded by friends and others on how I publish my books, I’m finally going to tell you via this blog
and a book I’m in the process of writing called…..drum roll please….

Look, I Wrote a Book!
An easy to Follow Guide for Aspiring Authors!

My book will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others. It will be a print book only, (for now). I find that resource books such as this are better (for me anyway) in print. I  can use Post-its (preferably pink) to tab info and highlight pertinent parts that I need to go back to. . I guess I’m a little “old school” that way.

Any-hoo, the book publishing arena has changed considerably in the past several years and self-published authors have really given the big publishing houses (the big 5) a run for their money.   I read mostly self-published books these days on my Kindle. I have Kindle Unlimited and for $10.00 a month so I can read as many books as I want. I can read 5 books at once if I want…and I do!

On occasion, I’ll read the memoir of somebody famous that came from a big publisher- preferably memoirs from rock stars or celebs who escaped religious cults (que Motley Crue and Leah Remeni)  but its not that often anymore. I’m finding soooooo many good SELF-PUBLISHED science fiction on Amazon, its CRAZY! One book you should check out the series called “Slow Burn” by Bobby Adair. My cousin shared this book with me and its really good! Its self-published and on Amazon and has been a best seller! Did I say SELF-PUBLISHED?

Are you ready to write a book? What are you waiting for? I’m dying to see YOUR book on my Kindle.  I “pinkie promise swear,” I’ll read it!

“If you want free advice….Google it”



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