The Tower of Niceness – and the CEO is only Eight!

12376153_976932982378334_3052490075932865198_nRiver Sharp was at the ripe old age of seven when he created a highly successful fundraising campaign/community in 2015 called “The Tower of Niceness.” Now that he’s eight, he’s a veteran in the world of raising funds and helping his fellow human beings. It’s not every day that you see kid his age wanting to do ANYTHING more than play XBox, let alone create a movement that gets scores of people involved and the attention of the news media! Is he what they call an “old soul”?? Maybe! I think he’s pretty awesome!

The  Video (Tower of Cuteness)

As I was scrolling through my news feed one day on Facebook, getting past all of the political rants, the funny dog videos, and the never-ending photos of people’s meals, I see a video of a little blonde boy wearing a ball cap with an over-sized bill sitting in front of a white background looking into the camera with a HUGE smile on his face. Oh, yes, I’m turning up the volume on this one. (I’ll put the video below so you can see what I mean!) After watching the video, I immediately donated some funds to this kid! Who wouldn’t? You’d have to have the heart made of coal not to!

River’s Story

With a passion for helping others, River came up with the idea of raising money so that he could put together care packages for the homeless and hand them out on thanksgiving day in Sacramento CA. With the help of his dad Brian, River put up a crowd funding page to raise some money. Dad thought it was best to put up a “doable” goal of 500 bucks. He worried that anything over that might be a little too ambitious to start with and didn’t want his “kid” to be disappointed. River, being the savvy businessman that he is, wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He keyed in $1000.00 as the goal , loaded our social media feeds with the most ADORABLE videos EVER (Tower of CUTENESS in my book) and BAM he raised $1700.00 in just a few weeks. River was able to purchase more than he expected of the items he needed for care packages such as toiletries, socks, food, clothes, blankets…even radios!


So, on Thanksgiving morning while most of us were putting our turkeys in the oven, watching the Macy’s day parade all snuggled in our warm pajamas, River along with his 10-year-old brother Ryder and the rest of his family (and a whole bunch of Tower of Niceness Volunteers) were out bright and early in the morning handing out much-needed items to the homeless.

Oh, and a few TV stations showed up! This kid is a public relations genius!

Over Christmas, River put up a Toy Drive campaign to raise funds so that he could buy toys for kids in area hospitals. This campaign was a huge success that raised 1200.00 along with toy donations.

The Tower of Niceness is an ongoing community and River has been busy doing all sorts of community service. He hopes that ALL OF US will help build the Tower of Niceness with him!  Be on the lookout for River, Ryder and their little sister Presley as they take fundraising and community service to a whole new level!  I invite you to head on over to their site and check out what they’ve been up to and what they have planned next! Oh, and did I say their vids are AWESOME?

The Future

I was going to write something profound here about our kids being our future bla bla bla.. then it dawned on me.. somebody already wrote that!  Why reinvent the wheel?  You know the one.. It was written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed and made famous by Whitney Houston..

I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

The Video that Started it All!


River and Ryder talk about  the Martin Luther King Jr. Speech!




Tower of Niceness Website

Tower of Niceness Facebook Page




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