Boss gets Hit by Bus, Foul Play Expected!


Dear Boss,   If you were about to get hit by a bus, would your employees rush out and push you out of the way or would they let you get flattened and then go out and dance on your mangled body?  Would your employees pull you out of a burning building or would they let you fry?  I’ve had a few bosses that should have been pushed out in front of a speeding bus!

I remember my first job vividly!  I was 17 years old and I worked in the kitchen of an upscale restaurant.  My neighbor across the street was one of the head chefs and she got me a job being her prep cook.  It was awful! The boss was the son of the owner and he was a complete jerk and sexual harasser!  I had no idea how to handle that one since I was so young so I quit after a couple of months.  The bosses I had for my second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth job were even worse!  They were all men and if they weren’t sexually harassing, they were just downright mean!  Just like being in one abusive relationship one after the other, I thought this was normal behavior for supervisors and bosses!  I thought it was normal for them to be overbearing, sexually harassing JERKS and I would just have to  get used to it if I wanted to pay my bills and rent.  This was until I got my seventh job working as a teacher’s aid in a school.   The teacher I worked for was encouraging, motivating and a downright nice human being!  I would jump through hoops for that woman and worked my tail off for her!  From that day forward if I had a boss that treated me like crap I would “head for zee hills.”

So now we fast forward a few decades and here I am working in a more professional situation (getting a college education helped with that one.)  However, I still see bosses treat their employees like crap and they wonder how come their underlings call in sick all of the time, do less than par work and play on the internet all day.

Hey boss man/lady…. Your employees aren’t bragging about you.  As a matter of fact they are making fun of you behind your back and have all sorts of “cute” names for you such as A$$,  Jerk,  B*tch, and it gets much worse!  You are trying to rule with an iron fist and you think it works but it doesn’t.  It just makes people hate you. Do you scream at people and belittle them in staff meetings? You might not care about your popularity, but if you want to see results in productivity, you have to treat people with respect. Definition:    The state of being regarded with honor or esteem.  You have to respect to be respected, it’s that simple.

I think that it should be a federal law that anyone who supervises others should be made to read, “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and be tested on it.


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