What Separates Millionaires from Everyone Else? MONEY OF COURSE! DUH!!!!!!!



They are FEARLESS!

When we were kids our parents endlessly engrained in our heads to never speak to strangers. Never. Most of us took heed to these orders. Then when we grow up, our careers and businesses depend upon us to speak to strangers on a daily basis. For some of us the mere thought of going up to a perfect stranger and striking up a conversation brings on a cold sweat.

To gain momentum in our business, we must learn to get over this fear and become fearless. Successful people have learned to become fearless when it comes to engagement. The big players in sales, especially direct sales, have learned to engage in conversation with just about anyone within a two foot radius. They look at it as a game. Will this person or won’t this person engage in conversation with me. They figure out how to size up a person in just the few words that are spoken. They figure out this person’s personality type in just a few moments of conversation.  They know what buttons to push when they size up the personality. All of this takes practice and training. Believe me, for even successful people, this skill didn’t happen over night!

When I tell people that they are going to have to get out and hustle their business and engage people face to face I might as well be telling them they have to strip their clothes off and dance in the town square! It’s very scary to put yourself out there and get singled out. The root of the problem is that we aren’t really scared of talking to the person; we are scared of the immanent rejection. The “why are you bothering me” response that we just know for a fact is going to come out of their mouth. I’m here to tell you that nine out of 10 times this isn’t the case. Trust me when I say that if done right, nine out of ten people will engage with you in a genuine way. If they don’t, then just say “have a nice day” and move on.

How to Talk to Strangers Fearlessly

Tip 1: Practice at the store. Don’t go into sales mode; just engage in conversation with as many people as you can. “I like your shoes.” “Isn’t this a great price?” “Where did you get your jacket, I love it.” See how long you can keep this person engaged and see where the conversation takes you. You will know instantly if that person is enjoying being engaged or not. Chat for a few minutes then say “it was nice talking with you” then leave. Yes leave. You are just taking baby steps in this endeavor. This exercise is to get you out of your shell.

Tip 2: Now that you are getting comfortable engaging in conversation with total strangers, the next time you go to the store challenge yourself that you will give away at least two business cards. This is very hard for most people. Talking to someone has become easy, so how do you make the jump to get your business information into their hands. Simple, hand it to them. Say, “It was very nice talking with you. Would you mind if I give you my business card? I have a product/service that I’m starting that helps a lot of people. Would you be so kind in helping me get the word out?” Nine out of 10 people will take your card and say sure! People love to help! Who wants to be THAT jerk that won’t help someone?  Not many. Trust me this works. However, don’t expect a call the next day. They will stick your card in their purse or wallet, forget about it for a while and then one day you’ll get a call from them or one of their friends out of the blue. If they do the unspeakable when you hand them your card and say, no I won’t help, just say “have a great day” and move on.  Then go find the nine people that will take your card and help!

Bottom line: It’s a numbers game. The more strangers you talk to the bigger your business will become. Do this over and over again and it will be second nature. Become fearless and grow your business.

That’s the difference between millionaires and everyone else.

I teach The Three “Fs” to Success.   This was a lesson on the First “F.”  Stay tuned for part two on this series!


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