Clients Won’t Call you Back? Advice for the Direct Seller!

crazy lady

Its happened to all of us.  Me included.  You get a prospective or existing client that gave you a ton of interest and they tell you to give them a call.  You call and leave voice mail messages asking the customer to call you back.  They don’t.  You don’t want to seem like a pushy sales pest so you just leave it alone and feel dejected.

Slaying the Beast!

When I was selling to Fortune 500 companies I had to get past the pit bull secretaries of these corporate giants. My task was to make appointments with the Controllers of huge companies like 3M, Kodak, Pillsbury, Phillip Morris etc. and try to get them to sign a contract where they would agree to let us audit their energy bills for possible refunds from the energy companies.  I would make the call and pitch the secretary. She would tell me (in her thick New York accent) that she would leave a message for “so & so” to call me back.  It never happened. I never got the call back.

I had to think of a way to fix this and FAST.  This is how I got the call back AND the appointment.  Ring Ring… (secretary answers the phone)  ” This is Jan Mendoza.  I’m flying out to New York the week of February 1st  and I will be meeting with (named a few big companies) I have a  two hour opening to meet with “Mr. So & So” to discuss the audits of Pillsbury’s energy bills and get working on a refund to the company.”     BAM.  She would schedule me an appointment .   I reaffirmed the appointment and made sure she knew I was flying all the way from California.  “no problem sweetie, I’ll make sure I get it on his calendar.”    This worked for every single one of the companies that I had trouble with.  I made appointments with the biggest companies in the US.  I made the situation URGENT and made her feel like her boss was about to miss out on something HUGE!

Start a Fire!

What you are doing is starting a fire.  Everyone wants what others have!  When that Secretary learned that I was meeting with other companies, GAME ON!  They wanted it too!

This method also worked when I sold other things.  It works really well when you have a client that is a friend of one of your other clients.  Kind of start the fire by starting a competition between them, however, they don’t know they are in competition.

When I’m dealing with individuals, I use a few tactics.  The first call just says, “Hey Mary, you asked me to give you a call, so just call me back at your convenience.” A week goes by and nothing.

Next call: (I use a few different scripts)

Script #1 “Hi Mary, I have a product that will help you with that issue you were telling me about.  However, I have a huge problem. This product is so popular, I’m swamped with orders and  I only have just a couple openings this month.  I really want to squeeze you in so you don’t miss out. I may not be able to get to you for a few weeks and by that time the product may be gone!  Call me as soon as you can.”

Script #2  “Hi Mary, I was just looking over my notes and you mentioned you wanted me to remind you of that product we were talking about.t.  I’m getting flooded with calls over this product and I’m really glad I found this note! I don’t want you to miss out as this product may not be available for long.”

If you still don’t get a call back, they probably just don’t have the money right now to buy the product.  Its embarrassing to have to tell someone that you simply can’t afford it right now.  So what you do is move on.  Let a month or two go by then give them a call:

“Hi Mary,  I was just checking in on you and to let you know that I’m having a huge sale and that I have a bunch of products that are half off! I think I might even be able to get that product you were wanting.  My sister has been using it and her issue is completely gone!!!

Can you see the trend here?  Urgency and everyone everyone else is doing it!  They are going to miss out on something huge!

This method works for selling all sorts of stuff. Jewelry, health products, you name it!  Also get a feeling for their personality type and work that angle.  That will be another blog post.

PS. This also works in email, text messaging, etc.  However you client prefers to communicate!

Good luck and happy selling!


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