How to Use FaceBook for your Business Without Being a Jerk Wod!


1.  Post Interesting Things. If you want your Facebook friends to unsubscribe from your newsfeeds, then post boring crap repeatedly!  A good example is someone who posts a photo of their dog, cat or kid at least 6 times a day (day after day).  Kid is cute and all.. but COME ONE PEOPLE!. STOP ALREADY!  I’m about to click the unsubscribe button.  Your followers want to see cool things such as interesting articles, an awesome photo that you took of a sunrise, an inspiring message or saying, an event that’s going on or a special accomplishment.  Get your audience engaged in YOU, the person!

Pet Peeve alert: Sharing others’ posts and pictures is good once in a while, but I want to know what YOU are up to!  Give me a little insight about YOU!

2. Collect Friends.  If your strategy is to keep up with friends AND build your business, then you need to collect a lot more friends than the ones you personally know.  However, now that you have lots of “strangers” as friends, you will have to manage your Facebook post settings.  This is where you will need to build some friend lists and manage your posts so that your personal posts don’t go to everyone.  You don’t want to tell ALL of your Facebook friends every detail of your personal life. Creepy Stalker Alert!!!!!!

3. Create a Business Facebook Page  Now that you have collected a ton of friends (and still collecting) you can now create your business page.  Put a lot of content of what your business is and what you do.  Make sure you have a lot of VALUE to your page where people will want to LIKE it to get deals, advice, etc.  Invite all of your friends from you personal page to “Like” your business page.  Don’t  worry if you only get a smattering of friends to respond to your request, just wait a couple of weeks and invite them again.  Once a person “likes” your page, your business posts will start to show on their news feeds.

4.  Post Business Content that Matters. Just like your personal Facebook page, you don’t want to post about your business all of the time.  Post some how-to articles that coincide with your business that offer some sort of interest to your customers.  Offer deals just for your Facebook Followers.  If you have a blog, make sure you post your blog post links through your FB business page.  Make your business interesting!

5.  Interact with Others. You must give in order to get and that means you MUST be genuinely interested in what others are doing!  Take an interest in your audience/customers and comment on their photos and posts! DO IT!   It’s all about building relationships and not all about you!  That’s why they call them Facebook FRIENDS! 

If you do all of these 5 steps consistently, you will get a great following and start to see your business prosper and flourish!


Good luck and keep Facebooking!


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