How to Hire a Rock Star

rock star

Hire a perfect employee!  Impossible? Not really. 
You know in your gut if you made the right choice. 
I've hired a few people in my day that in my gut knew 
I'd made a mistake the moment I offered them the job. Little red flags go up 
in the job interview that I ignored. Then when they start work, they are the 
worst employee EVER! 
Who is to blame? ME! I hired them! Here's some advice. Really look beyond 
the answers to your mundane job interview questions.


I.e. tell me about your experience, bla bla bla, instead, ask them out of the ordinary questions like what is their favorite movie or book. You don’t have to get too personal, don’t go over the line. I love to ask them what they like to do for fun! A FUN motivated person will go out of their way to give you a laundry list of things they like to do. If your office has a fun crowd, this would be a very important question! You don’t want to hire someone that wouldn’t fit in with the rest of your staff, no matte how much knowledge they have at this job. You are asking for drama later. These “Out of the Box” questions not only see what type of person you are about to hire, it also tells you how quick they are on their feet!


The perfect hire is THAT person who not only has the ability and skills you desire, but also will fit right in the the family! The rest of the gang would have no problem inviting this person over for a BBQ. If your candidate seems not forthcoming and uncomfortable with your questions, RED FLAG!


Another bit of advice is to go BEYOND the references that they give you. The references the candidate lists has been coached and vetted. Call a few of their prior jobs and ask to speak to a couple of different managers. If two out of three give them a bad review…red flag!


If you are a manager and supervisor in government Civil Service jobs, you will run into prior managers that are looking to pass a bad employee along just to get rid of them. Civil Servants can’t be fired very easily so managers take the easy way out and encourage their bad employees to transfer. These managers will give this candidate glowing reviews. This happened to me with a candidate I hired. Don’t fall for this trap! Ask to speak to other bosses or managers. Ask for 5 prior managers if you have to. Really DIG!


The rock star workers are out there and ready to go! I recently hired one! I asked her how her friends and co-workers would describe her in ONE WORD. She said Joke-ster. Yeah, thats the one that would get along just fine with our staff since we LOVE to laugh. Not to mention, she was extremely qualified for the job! ROCK STAR



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