Rock Your Life

Does your life Suck?

It’s time to UN-SUCK your life and do What You Want to Do!

I’ve spent my entire life thinking of awesome things to do and actually DOING them!

Why do most people not do the things they dream about?  FEAR of failing, FEAR of the unknown, FEAR of what others think.  Don’t let STUPID fear get in  the way of having Joy in your life!

Do you want to know what drives ME crazy?  People who complain that their life sucks but do NOTHING to change their patterns, processes or situations!  All these people want to do is whine that their life SUCKS!  Guess what?  Your life will continue to SUCK!

Do you want a better life??


Read my blog and take a peak inside my brain!  I  give ideas on how to move forward and find fun and happiness on this crazy rotating blue ball that rotates around the sun.   And maybe… just maybe, you can UN-SUCK your life!

  • Do Things that Make you Happy

  • Lighten up and LAUGH MORE!

  • Go on a Journey

  • Do Something Epic

  • Live “Out of the Box”

  • Turn sour grapes into something TASTY! 


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